Application Security Services

"Technology should support your ambitions, not hinder them"

Florida's Finest Application Security Specialists

Our team's specialties in the field of application security range from developing reliable interactive web applications to modern cryptology to exploit mitigation and defensive operating system configuration.

We are avid security researchers whose contributions are spread across dozens of popular software projects and regularly published in security mailing lists.

We believe that the default status of any software should be secure, not insecure. We hope to accomplish this by securing the tools and frameworks that thousands of companies and other developers depend on.

Unlike most defenders, we don't think in lists.

Compliance is Not Enough

Paragon Initiative Enterprise runs at the forefront of specialized application security research. We don't stop at compliance; our goal is resilience.

Through a potent hybrid strategy that incorporates source code auditing and a deep understanding of secure development practices, Paragon Initiative Enterprises will find and reinforce the vulnerable parts of your business solutions.

Our Application Security Experience is Your Benefit.

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