Application Development Services

"Technology should support your ambitions, not hinder them"

Secure and Dependable Business Solutions

Businesses don't just need tools that help them meet their needs quickly and effectively, they also need peace of mind that their tools will not fail them when they're needed most.

The development team at Paragon Initiative excels at building applications that are secure above and beyond industry compliance standards, a feat made possible by being on the forefront of security research in all of our specialties.

We build web-based business solutions, mobile apps, client/server desktop software, and more.

Clean, Usable, and Maintainable

Our applied philosophy for application development is:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Default to secure
  3. Do it right, then make it fast

Simple and straightforward solutions are easier to secure, which can then be optimized. Furthermore, the software that results from these priorities is lightweight, modular, and comprehensible.