Our Experience

"Technology should support your ambitions, not hinder them"

Is Paragon Initiative Enterprises Right For Your Business?

The software that powers about 5 out of every 6 websites
is more secure because of our work.

If you'd like assurance that we can deliver results, and you're using open source PHP software, check your vendor directory. Chances are, you're already using our code.

Business Success

Incident Response

No one likes to have to bring in security experts because their systems were breached and their customers might be affected. In troubled times, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and clarity. When called to investigate a hacked server or network, our team focused on answering the big questions:

  1. How did it happen?
  2. What data was at risk?
  3. How can we prevent this in the future?

Vulnerability Assessment

In addition to our public security research, our company has conducted penetration tests and code audits that stood out above our competition.

Our security expertise has not only saved companies from the cost and anxiety associated with avoidable data breaches, but we've consistently found high-severity security vulnerabilities that other penetration testing firms missed.

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Open Source Development

Modern Cryptography for the Entire PHP Ecosystem

The software that directly powers over one third of websites on the Internet is materially more secure because of Paragon Initiative Enterprises.

Our team developed a pure-PHP polyfill of the Sodium cryptography library so that PHP software can use these features even in dependency-constrained environments running on legacy versions of PHP.

WordPress (5.2+), Magento (2.3+), and Joomla (3.8+) all rely on our polyfill library to ensure their developers can just use libsodium instead of trying to figure out how to use OpenSSL or mcrypt safely.

Ease-of-Use Security Tools

  • Certainty keeps your CACert.pem file up-to-date.
  • CipherSweet provides secure, searchable encryption in PHP and Node.js.
  • EasyDB prevents SQL injection while making your code easier to understand.
  • Content-Security-Policy Builder allows you to define Content-Security-Policy headers in a JSON file and/or at runtime.