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Technology should support your ambitions, not hinder them!

Secure software development philosophy:

Software should be secure by default.
Tools should be simply yet comprehensively secure.
Cryptography is fundamental to security.

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Paragon Initiative Enterprises is a team of technology consultants, website and app developers, and application security experts. We specialize in applied cryptography and PHP development.

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Paragon Initiative Enterprise's expertise in web development and application security can help you fulfill your vision for your business's future while ensuring the safety and security of your online presence.

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From solving challenging security problems to reducing the cognitive load of proven security strategies, we actively contribute towards the betterment of our community, both online and offline.

What P.I.E. Can Do For You

Our company employs industry-leading experts on web application security and applied cryptography. We…

…and offer many other related services. Our specialty is cryptographically secure PHP development.

Latest Blog Post

Our PHP Security Roadmap for the Year 2019

Since our inception, we've typically published retrospective blog posts every year:

A recurring theme of these posts has been, "We have an ambitious plan to make the Internet more secure."

At the end of 2015 looking towards 2016, we wanted to emphasize "secure-by-default" as the best attitude towards security.

Our goal for 2017 was to get libsodium into the PHP core (which we did! The vote passed 37 to 0) and write a pure-PHP polyfill library we call sodium_compat.

Our goal in 2018 was to kickstart an ecosystem-wide clean-up effort to address the discoverability problem: It's much easier for new PHP developers to discover bad security advice than good security advice. We wanted to flip the script on this problem and make new developers learn tools and techniques that are, at a base, far more conducive to developing secure applications.

This was somehow even more ambitious than our 2017 goal, and unsurprisingly, we didn't have the same measure of success this time around. But the campaign is still young, and may take several years to play out in full, and we believe a recent announcement from another organization shines a light of hope on our efforts. More on that in a minute.

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The Latest From Our Security Team

Latest Security Advisory

CVE-2016-5726, CVE-2016-5727 - Simple Machines Forum - PHP Object Injection

There are several instances where data pulled from $_POST (i.e. inside a foreach loop) is passed directly to unserialize(). As a consequence, SMF is vulnerable to PHP Object Injection and possibly remote code execution.

Latest Code Audit Report

Qbix Platform

One of our clients built an app upon a platform called Qbix and hired us to do a pre-launch code audit of their app as well as Qbix's platform.

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We develop secure and dependable web-based solutions to help your business succeed.