About Paragon Initiative Enterprises

"Technology should support your ambitions, not hinder them"

What We Can Do For Your Business

Your customers trust you. Let our team help protect them, and your reputation from online threats.

Paragon Initiative Enterprises is the home of leading industry experts in secure PHP development.

Our specialties include applied cryptography and web application security.

Paragon Initiative Enterprises offers dependable and secure web-based business solutions to help your business prevent costly data breaches.

In addition to code review and penetration testing services, we leverage our unique access to security and cryptography talent to develop robust, defensible solutions to real world business challenges.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building platforms that are efficient, secure, easy-to-use, and maintainable. We build upon the excellence and resilience of open source software and contribute our innovations back to the community.

We pursue excellence in every facet of technology and business. We tackle hard problems and create simple solutions to save your business time and money while reducing the cognitive load for your team.

We believe that technology should serve your interests, not hinder your company's growth or introduce unnecessary risk. We develop software with attention to security above and beyond compliance.

Who We Are

Paragon Initiative Enterprises is a Florida-based technology company that specializes in software development, application security, cryptographic engineering, and business consulting.

Our technology consultants have an extensive history of innovative security research and professional software development. We have worked with clients in the telecommunications, health care, and consumer electronics industries.

We offer a plethora of professional services, ranging from web development and mobile/desktop application development to source code auditing and building custom business intelligence solutions.