Support Contracts for Our Open Source Software

Paragon Initiative Enterprises delivers open source software that makes your products and services more secure.

Open Source Support Contracts

Paragon Initiative Enterprises prides ourselves on the quality and robustness of our software products. Most of our open source software is free to use, even in proprietary commercial projects.

For companies that need special integration assistance, immediate bug fixes, or ongoing support for End-of-Life versions of the programming language the software is written in, purchasing an open source support contract for our software guarantees that your company's requirements are met.

Support Contracts at a Glance

  • Our contract terms are flexible, but have these elements in common:

  • Support provided by email, Github issues and pull requests, and telephone.
  • Security-affecting bugs fixed within 2 business days of their discovery.
  • Critical non-security bugs fixed within 5 business days of their discovery.
  • Major non-security bugs fixed within 10 business days of their discovery.
  • Priority attention to any minor non-security bugs, feature requests, and general support questions.
  • No additional liability or restrictions for your company regarding the use of our open source software (even if publicly released under restrictive public licenses, e.g. GPLv3).
  • Priority integration development for open source frameworks.