Qbix Platform - Audit Report

March 4, 2018 - April 2, 2018 (PHP)

Summary of Our Findings

Low Severity Medium Severity High Severity Total # Issues
Issues: 2 2 0 4

One of our clients built an app upon a platform called Qbix and hired us to do a pre-launch code audit of their app as well as Qbix's platform.

We reviewed a lot of software projects since our last public report. Out of all of them, Qbix Platform seemed to have the least number of vulnerabilities, which stands as a testament to the developers' dedication to application security best practices. It became almost a game for us to find holes in the security of this 400,000 line codebase. In the end, we found 2 low-severity vulnerabilities and 2 medium-severity vulnerabilities.

Although we provided a recommended patch for each of the issues we identified, Qbix, Inc. reworked them to not rely on Composer before being merged.

About Qbix

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